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What is the College-Ready Writing Gap?


75% of students entering college are NOT prepared.


50% are REQUIRED to take remedial coursework.

**Students who take remedial coursework are LESS LIKELY to complete their degree.**

Remediation COSTS students and their families $1.5 BILLION annually.

= The MAJORITY of students entering college are underprepared for college-level academic work.


73% of high school graduates cannot write with the skills needed for success in college.

— National Center for Education Statistics

The lack of college-ready writing skills is a big part of why so many students who start college fail to complete it.

What’s behind the college-ready writing gap?

1) Not enough students get practice at authentic composition prior to college

2) Pre-college writing instruction too often is not aligned with college-level expectations

BetterRhetor has developed an instructional resource that directly addresses these problems. Visit the sites below to learn more:

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